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Our Story

The name Madras was once used to refer to the entire Southern part of the Indian Subcontinent. With a centuries-old culture to it, the name reminds one of the rich heritage of classical music, dance, and many art forms that Madras gave birth to, not to mention its signature cuisines.

Here at Madras Flavours also, we strive to live up to our name by bringing the original flavours of the Indian Subcontinent that bring back memories of home for everyone who's devouring our dishes.

Located in Hounslow, our aim is clear: To present the richness and culture of Indian cuisine on your platter combined with the love and care of our services, to preserve the authentic taste and unique recipes that were perfected from over centuries in an elegant ambience.

We draw it from culinary styles of Udupi and Chettinad that use a blend of Indian herbs, spices and masalas, to bring out the unique savour and tantalizing aromas.

Our menu palette includes everything that the Indian Subcontinent can overwhelm you with. Starting from Indian breakfast items, we present exclusive North Indian starters, elaborate thalis, Indian Bread (Naan) and curry duos, Chinese main course, and succulent desserts to add to your meal. Quick beverages to grab and many more.

We at Madras Flarours believe that food is a celebration of life and vigour, and we bring unique attraction to your occasions through our outdoor catering services.

On the other hand, we have an exclusive banquet hall

At Madras Flavours, we strive to honour our culture and roots through our original and native dishes. To give you an experience of home, away from home…

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